Operating from his studio in the North-East of England, fashion design graduate Deane Hodgson’s eclectic body of work encompasses wall sculptures, analog collage and found poetry.

Under the guise of Mr What & Mrs Why, his analog collages involve experimenting with an endless array of found ephemera to create wildly varied works that embrace a diverse range of subject matter, from architecture and automobiles to animation and abstraction.

He enjoys nothing more than to root around second-hand shops and fairs for old, unloved photographs, books and magazines to breathe new life into, with any slight imperfections only serving to enhance the re-purposed nature.

Furthering his exploration of redeploying materials, his multi-layered wall sculptures primarily comprise discarded off-cuts from CNC machines. The recycled ethos, meanwhile, continues through the likes of disposed-of paint samples and paste tables.

The unique relief compositions that emerge subtly experiment with both light and form, resulting in works rich with depth and pattern.

His work has been exhibited at such venues as Royal Scottish Academy, London Design Festival, G3 Art Contemporain (Brussels) and De Krook (Ghent).